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"We had planned a very last minute intimate wedding in Maui, and to be honest, I was completely in over my head. It was everything that I could do to keep it together. From the moment Sandy answered my call with her heartfelt "Aloha" I felt better. She really came through and helped me plan every single detail from the where and when, to the what time and how long. She made my wedding as amazing as it was even before either of us stepped foot on the island. Once we were there and I met her in person I knew that we had been lucky to find her. She was absolutely incredible. Both her personality and her professionalism make you adore her. We were fortunate enough to have Sandy for two days. The day of the ceremony, and then the next day for her one of a kind Treasure the Dress session. I will never forget the places that we went!!"  Kari N

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